Thailand E-commerce: Popularity and Shopping Behavior

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As Thailand’s middle class and internet user base grow rapidly, the country’s trade landscape is changing, marked by the rising popularity of Thailand e-commerce and the development of a dynamic ecosystem.

With the increasing online shopping behavior, digital marketing trends will also automatically rise. As a result, marketers must be more attentive in examining this shift in shopping trends.

So, to help you understand Thailand’s e-commerce popularity, please check out some essential insights in the following article!

Popularity of Thailand E-Commerce

Thailand e-commerce 

Thailand has the second largest internet economy in Southeast Asia, driven by sectors like online media, travel, food delivery, transportation, and e-commerce. Among these contributors, the main driver of the increase in the internet-based economy is e-commerce.

Where the state revenue it contributed in 2023 was USD 20.90 billion. It doesn’t stop there; growth from 2023 to 2027 is estimated to reach 11.93% [1] This popularity is certainly in line with the facts of people’s shopping behavior. 

Based on a survey conducted by Standard Insight in 2023, it was found that people’s tendency to shop online continues to increase. Where at least 76.4% shop online at least once a month. [2] 

Consumer Behaviour

Thailand e-commerce 

Based on product preferences that are mostly purchased via e-commerce, the division of consumer behaviors are: [2] 

  • 60.1%: fashion (clothes and footwear)
  • 43.4%: Beauty and personal care products
  • 34.6%: food and beverage
  • 29.5%: electronics
  • 19.8%: furniture and home appliances
  • 17.5%: luxury goods
  • 8.8%: travel (accommodation and plane tickets)
  • 8.3%: others
  • 6.7%: entertainment

These behaviors average across all demographics. However, men aged 35 years and over are more likely to place consumer electronics in second place in their shopping expenses.

Driving Factors of Thailand’s E-Commerce Market

Thailand e-commerce 

The emergence of behavior that tends to shop online is based on some factors, namely:

1. Massive Internet Penetration

The increasingly rapid internet development means that e-commerce in this country is also increasing. This allows most of the population to shop online and develop the world of e-commerce.

Their shopping decisions are also determined by online information, such as websites and social media reviews.

2. Widespread use of smartphones

Along with increasing internet penetration, smartphone users have also expanded. Access to various e-commerce sites is even easier by using a smartphone.

3. Various Payment Methods

Following COVID-19, the payment system, once centered around cash, is shifting towards digital methods like e-wallets, cards, transfers, and QR codes. That way, it is easier for consumers to make their payments.

4. Efficient Logistics Infrastructure

With the ease and smoothness of the delivery network, consumer satisfaction in shopping has increased because they do not have to wait long for the product to arrive home.

With the development of Thailand e-commerce, the potential for business people is even higher. Your assignment will be to improve product quality and use appropriate marketing techniques.

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